New Song

New Song

New Song

Songs with a clear reference to football are thematically rather mundane and, especially in times of commercial balla-balla top events, a football metal song seems to be a provocation for the metal scene anyway. So it is clear that the master of conceptual trash is taking on this provocative challenge.

Sataninchen originally planned another version as a complementary song. It was to have a more militant marching character and the lyrics would be minimally changed. This would have captured the current global zeitgeist madness on the one hand and taken a look back on the other. That would have opened up several viewpoints and perspectives.

The lyrics would then have been something like this:
Madness is our life,
because madness rules the world.
We fight and give everything,
when each one falls one after the other.

The fact that the song is not always well received is part of the Sataninchen genome. Sometimes Sataninchen directs the provocation against his own followers or even against himself. You have to be able to do that, but Sataninchen has never felt called upon to force himself to ingratiate himself.

Despite the fact that Sataninchen has not yet released his two albums "Panda Metal Party" and "YEAH EVIL" on streaming platforms, the song "Football is our life" is currently only being released digitally. It could be that the song disappears into obscurity after a short time, perhaps appears as a bonus on an album at some point or even dries up in your personal poison cabinet.

With Sataninchen you never really know!

You can get the song here: